Let not

Today’s Encouragement is John 14:1 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”

Let not –

Jesus instructed us to believe in Him just as we believe in God. And notice the way He puts it… “Let not…” 

He could have said, ‘When you believe in me you will never worry.’  He could have said, ‘I will take away all your worries and problems and when you believe in me, life will be happy and wonderful all the time.’  Or ‘Just say a quick prayer every morning and I will make sure you have a wonderful day, I’m a great good-luck charm!’   But thank God He didn’t say these things, although we often act like, believe as if He did! 

Instead my friends, Jesus told us to “Let not your hearts be troubled.”  As believers we now have the choice of a troubled heart or a heart at peace…  we Choose!   By faith we can trust in Him as our Savior, day by day, and choose Trust and Peace.  Or we can let our hearts be troubled, anxious, worried, fearful, by focusing on the problems and fears which may come our way… 

The point is- we CHOOSE- to let our hearts be at peace, believing Him and His promises, or we CHOOSE fear, worry, anxiety. 

The choice is ours…

Father God help us, give us the ability, to choose faith, hope and love, to fix our minds on You, and to choose to reject fear, worry, and the many cares of this life.

Because He Lives

Matt Maher

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