When they had sung

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 14:26 And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.

When they had sung – 

Jesus and His disciples sang together…  after the Lords Supper, as He was preparing Himself to be arrested, beaten and crucified, They sang together.  Then they went to Gethsemane.  

Wish we knew what song it was, perhaps a Psalm?

Can you envision the moment? Jesus and the eleven (Judas had stepped out early) singing in the upper room, after the Passover meal, after he washed their feet, after Communion.  The conclusion of this scene – they sang together.  Wonder what their voices sounded like.  Wonder what Jesus’ voice sounds like! 

My friends- there is something about singing together…. it’s obviously an ancient practice…. David wrote of it often, ‘come together with singing, lift your voices to God.’  Yet we are often too restrained, too unwilling to share the voice of song we each have planted within us. We joke, “You don’t want to hear me sing!”  and that may be very true my friend…. but God does!  He created you and that croaky, squeaky or wonderfully melodic voice, and He invites you to Sing with Him!   

It’s a surrender, this voice, such as it is… just like this life, such as it is… I bring to You Lord… it’s Yours, I’m Yours… all of me. Take my voice, take my life.

(a beautiful hymn)

Take my Life

Wes Hamption

3 thoughts on “When they had sung

  1. True brother Rick music is so powerful. Which is why the enemy spent effort corrupting it when he can. It has the power to uplift your spirit, we know heaven must have music.


    1. Good point about corruption of music! Yeah… pretty sure we’re all going to be able to sing incredibly well when we’re there… Imagine that for a moment… Singing Praises to Him… at His feet… So, till that day… I’ll SING His praises… always! Nothing else matters!

      I’m ready Lord, whenever You say…

      Rick DeFoore http://www.todays-encouragement.com How can I pray with you? 325.307.8311

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