Take refuge in the Lord

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.”

Take refuge in the Lord – 

Who can you trust?  It seems everyone today (especailly politicians and preachers!) seem to get caught up in some sin, some scandal, some allegations of inappropriate behavior (what we used to call Sin!) 

Years ago, we had been in a small church which had such a controversy, and many folks left the church, as so often happens, as a result.  For all different reasons, and for good reasons and poor reasons… it just happens, I’m not arguing for or against this… we were at a friend’s house, who was much older in the faith than we were, and I asked him, “You’ve been through this several times before, why do you think God allows this to happen to His church?”  He wisely answered, “I don’t know for sure, but I think it might be to help us learn not to put our trust in any man, only God.” 

Only God – 

My friends, we all have ‘feet of clay’.  all of us stumble, fail, falter, and sin.  I so wish it wasn’t true… yet who among us is without sin?  This means every preacher, teacher, writer (ahem), pastor, teacher, missionary, you get the point… struggles with sin and is capable of losing occasionally.  

When people fail to live up to our expectations, or to the even higher standard of living a godly life, we really shouldn’t be surprised, let down, disappointed, much less defeated, devastated or destroyed…  Truth be told.  All people will fail. They will fail themselves and they will fail us!  I will, you will, and everyone we know… will fail!  Because we are human, we are not above sin.  This is the reason for Grace… God’s undeserved, unmerited, favor for His own children.  Christ died to set us free from the guilt, shame and punishment of our sins…. and Only He is worth of our devotion, respect, adoration, emulation.  

Don’t follow me… follow Christ. 

Don’t follow any leader, no person, no president, no pastor, no gifted, charming, funny, interesting, powerful preacher….  

Only Christ my friends… Only Him! 

In Christ Alone

Natalie Grant

2 thoughts on “Take refuge in the Lord

  1. Right on point,, don’t follow man or put hope in them you will be disappointed , when I attend church I know I’m surrounded by others that having fallen short because I know them from outside of church and know their imperfect self but hopefully are seeking to get closer to Jesus , like Jesus said to Peter ,,, don’t worry about that guy, talking about John, “you follow me” love ya brother Rick even though your not perfect haha


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