Do not be anxious

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Do Not Be Anxious –

I’m really good at being anxious…. I’ve worked at it for years, practiced the fine art of worry, obsessing over things, and I’m an expert!  After confessing that, I also admit that I am now striving for His Peace.  Striving doesn’t sound right… more like, diligently focused on… paying attention to, working towards…. 

Is it possible that: choosing not to be anxious about tomorrow (or anytime in the future) means that we are choosing to Trust God with tomorrow and the future?  Exchanging worry (which often entails – What am “I” going to do about…?) for Trust (I’m confident God is going to work things out.)  Worry implies it’s all up to us… Trust implies it’s all up to God!  

Further thoughts along this line… is it possible that: Worry and Trust are mutually exclusive?  That is, Can I be trusting God and worrying at the same time?

Would the same apply to Faith and Fear?  Mutually exclusive, can’t do both?  

Friends, throughout the entire Bible, we are repeatedly told DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT WORRY… Trust God, Rest in Him, Be at Peace.  

When He is Lord of your life (which is only dependent on your decision to accept Him as Lord…)  All fear, worry, doubt, anxiety can be disposed of, tossed away, left behind… because we choose… to Trust Him. 

Father God help us to choose Faith over fear, Trust over worry.  And each time we slip back into our old destructive habits, help us to return to you, recognizing Your Love and Grace for us, your deeply loved children, are unlimited.

I know who holds tomorrow

The Issacs

2 thoughts on “Do not be anxious

    1. So true Sister! We have the choice!

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