Resist him

Today’s Encouragement is 1 Peter 5:9 Resist him [the devil], firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. 

Resist him-

He lures us with pleasant looking, pleasant feeling, seductive sin.  He tells us, “It’s not that bad, look how everyone else is doing it too.”  “You deserve a little fun, live on the wild side just a little bit.”  “Hey, hasn’t God already forgiven you of every sin?  You can always ask forgiveness of Him later on!”  And on and on he goes… there is no limit to his lies and deceptive treachery.

Consider, my friends, that the temptations you face are the same which others throughout time and this earth, have faced as well.  You aren’t the first to go through this, nor the last, nor is it any worse for you than it is for others.  

We are not alone in our faith journey, nor in our faith battles.  Throughout the Bible history, we’re told of people who struggled to say ‘No’ to the world, to their own desires, and ‘Yes’ to God.  Almost all of them failed at some point.  And yet, even David, the poet-warrior-king who was called ‘the man after God’s own heart’, sinned terribly, committing adultery and then murder trying to cover up his sin.  

The word says, “All have sinned!” (Romans 3:23) and yet, here we are advised, cautioned, guided to stand firm in our faith and resist the temptations of our enemy.  Certainly, this can be done!  we may falter from time to time… but we will return to Stand against this enemy of our souls…. and trust God for the victory! 

Thank You Lord for your grace and mercy.  Help us to stand firm and resist the evil one! Help us to shut the door on him and his sinful ways!

Shut de do

Randy Stonehill

2 thoughts on “Resist him

  1. Thanks for the lesson brother Rick. We don’t talk about suffering enough, it’s a hard subject, but knowing we care share in our sufferings helps and really have not really know real hardship as some do in other places. Great song by the way.


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