Even greater than

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 12:6 NLT I tell you, there is one here who is even greater than the Temple!

Even greater than-

In Matthew 12 Jesus reveals that He is greater than the most treasured, respected aspects of the people.  They treasured the temple, v6, it was the most awe-inspiring holy place, the house where God’s presence descended, and where forgiveness was found through obedient sacrifice. 

In verse 41, Jesus reveals that He is greater than a prophet, Jonah was His example and at the prophetic proclamation of Jonah an entire pagan city repented and sought the forgiveness and mercy of God. Jonah was a great prophet.

Finally, He disclosed that He was greater than the greatest, richest, and wisest king any nation had ever known. In v 42 He is greater than the greatest king, Solomon.

Friends Jesus is greater than anyone or anything that any man has ever seen or know or heard of; greater than the grandest, holiest place of worship, the most powerful, effective proclaimer of God’s Word, greater than the wealthiest, wisest king of all time. 

Jesus is greater than all that ever was, that is, or ever will be.

Father open our eyes, our minds, our spirits, to grasp even just a tiny measure of how great You are, how great Jesus is, and how great is Your Holy Spirit. Help us to worship You… in Awesome Wonder.

How Great Thou Art

Chris Rice

2 thoughts on “Even greater than

  1. Thanks, Rick, that song is a reminder now of all we can rely on or trust in this battle for lives as well as souls.! Keep on keeping on🤗🌺gayle

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    1. Amen Gayle, music can help us to ‘hide his word in our hearts’ so well. We all need that reminder and often!

      Rick DeFoore http://www.todays-encouragement.com How can I pray with you? 325.307.8311

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