Associate with the lowly

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 12:16 “Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight.”

Associate with the lowly-

Remember, ‘the least of these’?  It seems these folks are present everywhere.  at least one or two of them… Every group, every church, every family… those who just ‘don’t fit’, don’t get along, don’t look, smell or act ‘right’.  Setting aside the unfortunate truth that we categorize people in this way… we choose those we ‘like’ and those we don’t, limiting the circle of people we associate with to those who are comfortable for us. 

I’m no better my friends, but I’ve had a few experiences with the least of these, and each experience, stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching out in His Love to His ‘least,’ the ‘lowly,’ has resulted in ME being blessed… sometimes the other person is blessed also, but not always.  Yet I am always blessed!  perhaps it is because I was obedient (on occasion I am anyway!) in associating with the lowly, caring for the least of these. 

That person you’re thinking of… that’s the one.  perhaps you can only start with a kind word, a genuine smile, a more than generous bill from your wallet for the homeless one on the corner (it matters not how they may or may not use it… but that we honor God by the gift!) a small step, perhaps followed by a step or two further. 

When we obey… God is pleased.  He is Glorified by our obedience.  It is our just and fitting service to Him.  Not required for salvation, not required even for His love… but, is it possible that such service is required for our souls to honor and worship Him?

Father grant us the privilege of associating with the lowly, in obedience.  For in truth, we too, are ‘the lowly’.  

Beautiful Stranger

Rebecca St James

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