His works

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 111:2 “Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them.”

The works of the Lord – 

Consider for a moment God’s works.  They certainly are Great!  Beginning with Creation, the Flood, the Exodus, the Wilderness, the Promised Land and Jericho, and on and on.  

The Works of the Lord are Great- in individual stories of His people, from Adam and Abraham, to Peter, Paul and John… continuing to you and me! 

David and Goliath 

The wealth of Solomon 

The battles…

And in the days of Christ:

The healing, deliverance, miracles, His teaching, His parables, His Sacrifice… His Resurrection… His promised return… and the greatest work of all, our Rebirth!  His works go on and on! 

My friends, the Bible is our guide, our record, our treasure of Gods Works!  

Father God – May we delight in these stories of Your hand at work in the lives of nations and individuals… and in our own lives.  May we study Your works… because we delight in You… and so may our Faith grow, and our Love for You and for one another grow…  because Your works are Great!  And Your works are Great… because You are Great!  We have no adequate words to describe You… so we sing… Great Are You Lord!

Great are You Lord

Casting Crowns

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