I will come with

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 66:13 I will come into your house with burnt offerings; I will perform my vows to you,

I will come with – 

Under the old covenant, before Jesus brought us a New Way, one who worshipped God would physically come to the Temple or other place of worship, and offer an animal sacrifice, or grain if they couldn’t afford an animal.  But they brought something to God!  They never came empty handed! 

Was it a gift to God?  Did God need a sacrificed animal?  Pretty sure God doesn’t need anything folks…. Did the priest need it?  Well, it did provide food for the priests, that which wasn’t required to be burned on the altar became the food supply for the priests and their families. 

But this wasn’t an offering of necessity for the priests, nor for God, but rather a surrendering of a costly possession to honor God.  The offering is necessary for US, not for God, not for the Church.  We surrender something we value as a means of acknowledging God as God.  Everything we have comes from Him to begin with!  A gift to Him is just an external agreement that this is true… Everything is His!  All we have is His!

Consider for a moment that during our lives, 80-90 or even 100 years… we accumulate a lot of stuff, money, things…. ALL of which – we will spend, give, or leave to another, there are no other options!  

What if we chose to give? To give to others generously.  To those in need and to those we want to bless, simply out of love for God, in sincere gratitude for His great blessings.  What if? 

So few do it… It is far too rare.  Yet, my friends… there resides an incredible, indescribable blessing in the reality of giving.  

So, come with your gifts to God… Bring with you to your church – the gift, the offering, which God puts on your heart to give.  Not because you should, but in sincere gratitude for all He has done for us.  But please – don’t stop there.  Give – because He has given you and me so much.  

Give it away

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