Astonished beyond measure

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 7:37 “And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, ‘He has done all things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.’”

Astonished beyond measure- 

The response of those who witnessed the miraculous power of Jesus was often varied.  At times, His works and words caused some to be highly offended!  In this instance though, Mark focuses on the wonder and amazement which the people experienced in the presence of His power and authority.  

My friends, wonder, awe, astonishment, amazement… these are appropriate responses to the overwhelming presence and power of Jesus.  

While on this earth, he had no distinguishing appearance.  The folks in his hometown, those who grew up with him, were amazed that He could teach! 

Today, as we envision Him from the description in Revelation 1, He is ‘glorified’. In His resurrected form, while still fully God and fully Human, He is overwhelmingly brilliant.  Still, even with this description in Revelation, we can only catch ‘just a glimpse’ of His true magnificence! 

And yet, we are ‘astonished beyond measure’ by Him! 

By His appearance, His presence, His power, His glory, His grace…

Father God grant us the privilege of the awareness of Who You are!  Truly, we stand in awe of You Lord!  

I Stand in Awe of You

Soul Survivor and Momentum

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