Asked the Lord Again

Today’s Encouragement is 1 Samuel 23:4 NLT So David asked the LORD again, and again the LORD replied, “Go down to Keilah, for I will help you conquer the Philistines.”

Asked the Lord again –

First David asked the Lord (v 2) “Shall I go and attack”? and God said, “Go”. But then David’s men said, (v3) ‘No, we are afraid!’ So, “David inquired of the Lord -Again” (v4).

Notice that God did not reply as we might, ‘I already told you, how dare you ask me again!’ He simply answered David with the same response and graciously added the further assurance that ‘I will give them into your hands.’ 

Friends, our Father God is incredibly patient with us, he doesn’t get annoyed by our questions!  He knows us and knows our needs, fears, and weaknesses… He will answer us, again and again, with His infinite patience… We are even told to keep on asking! (Luke 18:1)

Our human impatience is not a characteristic of God.  We make a grave mistake when attribute human emotions to our Almighty God! Actually, all our human emotions are merely imperfect copies of Him, for we are created in His image… but we are imperfect creatures; He is perfect.

And Jesus displayed God’s character… perfectly.

Father God, we are grateful for Your infinite and perfect patience with us. Help us to become more like You in every way, including patience. Waiting on, Trusting in You; Your timing, Your way.

His Strength is Perfect

Steven Curtis Chapman

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