And Be Thankful

Today’s Encouragement is Colossians 3:15 ESV And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

And Be Thankful –

In the midst of this beautiful description of our new life in Christ in Col. 3:1-17, we see this clear, simple instruction.

Be Thankful!

We’ve all seen the spoiled child (of any age!) demanding more and more things, attention, money, comfort, love, and well, everything! 

Yet Nothing satisfies!

The things we seek in our selfish greed are never enough! And the more we seek them the more miserable we become.  It’s never enough!

God’s way is best, and very different from our human grasping. 

Be Thankful.  For what we do now/already have, for the Salvation provided by His Grace through Jesus, for Eternal Life, for breath here on earth, to live another day for His Glory and His purpose….

A life of Thankfulness looks at, recognizes, and appreciates the enormity of blessings that He has already given us, and, in appropriate response, is overwhelmed by His Love.

It’s our decision… will we accept and be thankful for His provision for this moment… or choose to focus on what we do not yet have?  Is it possible that… He has already provided everything that we need?

Father, help us reject our own selfishness, and accept the attitude of Thankfulness in its place.  Help us be truly Grateful for the incredible blessings which You have already given us. 

I am Thankful

Paul Baloche

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