I In Them

Today’s Encouragement is John 17:26 (ESV) “I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.” 

I In Them –

This passage is from Jesus’ wonderful and beautiful prayer… during His last hours on earth as He prayed for you and me.  

He said, “I IN them.”

Friends we are ‘in Christ’ and He is ‘in us’.  This isn’t some reserved for only perfect holy people blessing given to a selected few ‘just right’ people every generation or so…! No, this is for us, it is already, NOW, a reality! For every believer!  It is our condition, our status, our reality… IN HIM! 

Remember friends, it’s not our feelings, not man’s wisdom, nor our logical thought processes – which determine the truth… the Truth is Jesus, who always has been and always will be… and Truth is not dependent upon our approval, our feelings, or our senses.  He IS and He IS Truth! And as believers ‘in Him’, He lives within us, and We live within Him.

Father, Thank You that we are In Christ and He is In us!  We accept this by faith even as we confess that we don’t understand this fully. But we also readily acknowledge, that this is our true desire… to be In Christ and that He would dwell In us.  Please confirm to each of us this truth Lord, that by Faith, we may know that we are truly In Him. Not by our efforts, but by Your Grace and Love.

In Christ Alone

Allison Kraus and Kristyn Getty

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