Has set us Free

Today’s Encouragement is Galatians 5:1 ESV For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Has set us free –

Is there a ‘maybe’? A condition precedent? Something required by us?


Is this Truth?

Can we accept it?

Can we rely on what God has said and trust Him?

Yes!  We can Trust Him, above all else! Certainly, we can trust Him, His Word, His Truth… above all other voices…

So, my friend, you are Free!

Not contingent upon our deserving it, nor on our behavior, but already, now, by His grace, for all of us… His Freedom, a gift!


It is our acceptance of His Truth…

Which brings His blessing…

to reality…

Within our lives.

This is faith – our decision to believe Him!

He has invited us…

And our acceptance (of His invitation) brings us into His Kingdom, into His Freedom!

Now, we can choose to submit again to slavery (v1), it’s our choice, but it will not satisfy, it will not last, because we are ruined to this world… we can only be content within His Freedom, nothing else will satisfy. 

And we can always return to Him, to His Freedom; to stand firm In Him, and submit to Him, because He is a forgiving, Loving Father.

The choice then, to live in His Freedom or our own slavery to sin… is completely ours!

Father Thank You for the Freedom You have provided for us! Thank You that we can repent, turn away from our slavery and to Your Freedom at any time, because Your Mercy is so Great!


Amanda Cook

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