Perfect Peace

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 26:3 NLT You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Perfect Peace-

All – not just the powerful, rich, famous, preachers or servants… no other qualification except…

Who trust in You – if we trust in God, rely on Him, look to Him for every need, depend upon Him…

Whose thoughts – our minds direct our lives. Too often we allow emotions, feelings, other’s opinions, or our own fears and doubts to direct our thoughts…

Are Fixed on You – we are invited, advised, and encouraged to fix our thoughts on Him, to focus our thinking on God, as Jesus revealed Him to us, allowing Him to lift our eyes, minds, and hearts above the flesh, din, and sin of this earth, to Him.

And the result of our decision to Trust in Him, our focus, our fixing our thoughts on Him… Perfect Peace!

Friend, this isn’t a nice thought, not a platitude, nor a blessing reserved only for the ‘good’ person…

It is Truth.  For All who believe. Available now, to each of us… who choose to turn our back to this world and our face to Him. 

Father, we need You to help us turn away from the cares and lures of this world, to fix our minds on You, so that we may experience Your Perfect Peace, and continue to dwell there, in Your Peace. We ask in Jesus’ Name.


We The Kingdom

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