A Long, Good Life

Today’s Encouragement is Proverbs 4:10 NLT My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life.

A long, good life –

How?  Read it again. 

Listen to God and do what He says.  His word is full of wisdom, cautions, warnings, and promises. All are provided for us… not to condemn (Rom 8:34) but to instruct, help, guide, strengthen, support, and even bless us… with a long and good life. 

We always have the choice, free will to refuse to listen to Him, or just to ignore His Wisdom. But the consequences of our refusal?  Well, it ain’t gonna be a long, good life! 

We don’t want a long, bad life, nor a short, good one, and we sure don’t want a short, bad one! So… we decide to listen to Him and do as He says.

But we are His people, drawn to Him in various ways, and because we are grateful for our salvation, for His many blessings, we long to please Him.  And in His kindness, our best plan for pleasing Him… also results in our long, good life!

This is an amazing kindness from our Father… that pleasing Him, by loving, honoring, and obeying Him… leads to a long, good life for us.

Our salvation is paid for by the blood of Jesus! We can’t earn it.  But living according to God’s wisdom, listening to His Truth, and striving to do it… results in a long, good life. 

Father thank You, for your kindness, and for providing for us the immeasurable gift of Your Salvation, Eternal Life, as well as wisdom, guidance, and strength for living a long, good life here on this earth. 

Good Life

The Young Escape

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