Preserve my Life

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 143:11-12 NLT For the glory of your name, O LORD, preserve my life. Because of your faithfulness, bring me out of this distress. [12] In your unfailing love, silence all my enemies and destroy all my foes, for I am your servant.

Preserve my life –

This biblical theme is consistent – We can call up, ask, and rely upon our God for deliverance, protection, provision… He is the source of every good thing.

The great warrior David, of whom they sang, ‘has killed thousands’, this warrior cries out to God for help! He asks God to silence (the voices) of his enemy, and destroy (the work, efforts) of my foes. 

Friend, we are preserved, saved, delivered, and helped by God.  This is assured for us because… God does so for the glory of His Name (v11), because He is faithful, and finally because of His unfailing Love (v12) for those who belong to Him.  We are His loved servants, His own possessions.  For these reasons, God acts on our behalf to protect, provide, and preserve our lives. 

Nowhere is our strength needed, nor is our virtue at issue… this is not what we deserve… but because of who God is, His Love, and because of ‘Whose we are’… we belong to Him and He saves us because of His Nature…

He protects those who are His…

My friends, we are so often determined to ‘do it ourselves’, to fight our battles in our own strength, to be independent of anyone…

But God alone –

provides His own-

with protection, provision, and preservation. 

Help us to rely on You alone Father, for all our needs, including the fight with all our enemies, physical or spiritual. You alone are our Deliverer!

My Deliverer

Rick Elias

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