Will Reward You

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:6 (NLT) But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

Will reward you –

Several more examples are given of rewards we will receive from God (vs 4 & 19). And interestingly, there is no timeframe mentioned for these rewards, but – the assurance of Godly rewards for us is a recurrent theme in His Word.

This seems to be an almost forgotten concept. Have we lost sight of this truth?  God rewards His people for honoring Him. 

How, When, Why, Where, we ask?  God knows these answers and they really are not essential for our faith nor for our obedience.  What is essential is our recognition of this truth, and faith in Him to bring it to our reality.  And does it really matter – in the context of Eternity – whether our faithfulness is rewarded on earth or in heaven?

And the nature of our reward… unimaginable!  What earthy reward of wealth or fame could ever bear comparison to a heavenly reward!

But we are quick to ‘come back to reality’ with the thought, ‘But I’ve never done anything to earn anything close to a reward from God!’  And in our sight, our dim, human perspective, this is true. 

But it’s not our perspective that matters my friends, but God’s. 

And here in this verse we learn that… praying, in private, will be rewarded! (Jesus’ words, not mine.)

Father, help us to Trust You, what You have said, and Who You Are.  Help us Lord, to Pray.  

When God’s People Pray

Wayne Watson

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