In the Lord’s Presence

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 116:9 NLT “And so I walk in the LORD’s presence as I live here on earth!”

In the Lord’s presence –

The word ‘presence’ here indicates – within His sight, or before His Face, it’s not just ‘somewhere in the vicinity of God’, but rather ‘where God can see me.’

Now for those who aren’t saved by faith in Jesus, being in the presence of God is a terrifying thing! We humans are sinful creatures, without any ‘redeeming’ qualities of our own…

But for those who Believe! For those who live in the Grace of Christ, there is nothing greater than walking, living, abiding in the Presence of our Loving Father. 

This isn’t just a place to visit occasionally, rather it is recognition of the Truth, that we are always in His Presence.  Remember He adopted us as His own, He provided a way, through Christ, for us to be pure, clean, and perfectly acceptable in His Presence.

Father, for just a moment, may we experience Your rest, in Your Presence, as we worship You.

(As you listen, join in worship, and imagine yourself now, in His presence, resting peacefully in His Love)

What I long for

Eileen Walker

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