I see four

Today’s Encouragement is Daniel 3:25 NLT “Look!” Nebuchadnezzar shouted. “I see four men, unbound, walking around in the fire unharmed! And the fourth looks like a god!”

I see four –

The king threw three men of faith into his blazing furnace because they refused to worship the golden statue as he had commanded. They refused courageously and confidently to disobey God in order to obey a man, even a king.

And they confidently proclaimed in v13-14, that God can and will save them, but even if He did not save them, they would choose to die rather than rejecting God by worshipping an idol. 

And God did save them!  The king himself saw four men walking unharmed in his torturous blazing furnace…not three!  And even to this pagan king, the fourth looked like a god! 

Friends, God doesn’t always answer our prayer as we want Him to.  This is because He knows so much, immeasurably more, that we do… He knows what is Best! 

He allowed these men to be arrested, tried unfairly, judged worthy of death, thrown into a furnace so hot that the men who executed them were themselves executed… and instead of rescuing as we humans would expect.  God sent someone, many believe it to be Jesus, to deliver them through the fire… to be with them in their greatest time of trial, suffering unjust punishment, in the greatest difficulty of their lives.., God Came To Them, met them in their need, and provided His Presence to transform their circumstances.

Our Father, Grant us eyes to see and ears to hear how Great is: Your Love and Your power and Your Presence… and that You are always with us… as Jesus proclaimed, “I am with you always.” Matt 28:20. Especially in the fire.

Another in the fire

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