Live at Peace

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Live at Peace –

In this age of vitriol, anger, and unbridled hatred… Isn’t it time to intentionally – to make a decision – to live a life of Peace?

Facebook fights, political hatred, road rage and school bullying seem to dominate so much of our lives today.  It seems we are rapidly sliding into a cesspool of bitterness and anger.

The enemy loves this!  He loves the accusations, the half-truths and the divisions which slice our relationships into factions and bleeding pieces.

My brothers and sisters…. as far as it is depends on you… (because we are responsible for ourselves, for our own behavior… but only ours, not anyone else’s behavior) live at peace with everyone.

This is a decision that depends on you and me.  It does NOT depend on others, it does not depend on us being treated fairly by others (most will not), it does not depend on anyone else’s behavior.  It is a decision each of us makes alone.  Choose to Live in peace…

Jesus, our Christ, came as the Prince of Peace.  Are we Christians?  Are we His followers?  Can we follow Him and choose to not live in His Peace?

Peace in our lives, Lord, this is our prayer.

None But Jesus


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