Never Give Up

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 18:1 (NLT) One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. 

Never give up –

Jesus taught the people in parables; memorable stories specifically designed to make His Truth clear to everyone, anyone who will accept Him.  We can remember these stories, and they help form the foundation of our faith.  This story (Luke 18:1-8) was of a widow who was in some type of dispute with another person, she kept after the judge, who didn’t care about people nor God, until… she wore him out with her constant requests(v5)!

Did you get it?  Jesus said, this a story of how we are to PRAY and NEVER GIVE UP! 

Friends, God is not like this uncaring judge… He’s not too busy for you… He’s not unkind, withholding our requests because we aren’t worthy of His kindness…. He’s not angry at us or disappointed in us.  He knows us, remember “He knows we are only dust.” (Psalm 103:14). So EVERY prayer request which God answers… comes from someone just like you and me… folks who are ‘only dust’.  Like this widow, a nobody, probably cheated by the other person.  She asked and asked and asked.  

Many would have given up, told her to accept her fate and move on.  Notice she didn’t fight this battle herself; she didn’t post things on social media; she didn’t send anonymous letters or take matters into her own hands… She cried out, persistently, in prayer, to THE Judge… God Himself in this story. 

Father God, help us to never give up on our prayers to You.  Help us to know with confidence that You hear us, You Love us, You want to bless and take care of us.  And though the answer may be Yes, No or Not Yet… Help us to continue to Pray, Trusting You for whatever You choose to provide!    

There was Jesus

Zach Williams & Dolly Partin

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