I pray for you

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 1:9a NLT “God knows how often I pray for you. Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer to God,

I pray for you –

Paul writes these words to the believers in Rome, explaining how concerned he is for them, that he prays for them day and night.  Other versions read ‘without ceasing’ or ‘incessantly’.

The idea is… he was praying – all the time, persistently, consistently, for these people. He’s not lying, not exaggerating, but explaining to them how sincerely grateful (v8) he is for their faith.  He expresses that gratitude to God in ceaseless prayer. 

Now the encouragement here my friends is that – whether you know it or not – others are praying for you.  Perhaps ceaselessly!

And, we too, can be persistent (praying always) and consistent (praying specifically for the same things) as children of God. 

We might get tired of it, but Our loving Father never tires of hearing the prayers of His precious children!

Prayer doesn’t have to be long or complicated:

Try a ‘Breath prayer’ – a quick whisper, “Thank You God for…” anything, everything.

“Please handle this”- When we are tempted to become angry or fearful, or hear bad news, recognizing we can do nothing, But God can do anything!!

“Bless this person” – someone who is sick, injured, struggling with life, lonely, hurting.  God knows exactly how, we just ask Him.

The options are endless. 

Finally, what can you or I do for another person that is as good as, or better than… asking God, our Almighty, Wise, and Loving Father… to help them?  We can and should help in other ways, but Prayer is always BEST!

Father help us to pray, to come to You – without ceasing.  To remain in contact with You, always, through prayer.  Thank You for this privilege, help us to use it.

My prayer for you

Alisa Turner

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