Don’t let us

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:13 NLT And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.

Don’t let us –

Other translations read “Lead us not into temptation”.  I kinda doubt that our Loving Father would ever lead us into temptation… but I’ve experienced firsthand, many times, how He has helped me – to not yield to it!  When I ask!  It’s important to ask!

The next point, directly related, is rescue! He will rescue us from the evil one, the enemy of our souls, the father of lies, the deceiver…

My friends, these are part of the way that Jesus taught us to pray.  Daily, hourly, minute by minute…  Lord, keep us from saying yes to sin, which is tempting us at every opportunity… and rescue us from the one who hates us and wants to destroy us! 

The battle is real, it’s occurring every day, in small skirmishes and sometimes huge warfare!  And yet… we do not fear!  We pray! We trust God! We ask Him for His help, in refusing to follow temptation and in rescuing us from our enemy. Then we Trust.

Father God, You are always victorious!  We rely on You for the strength to resist temptation and the strength to refuse to listen to his lies!  You are our Hope!

My Rescuer

Rend Collective

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