Give us today

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:11 NLT “Give us today the food we need”

Give us today-

Other translations read, ‘…our daily bread…’  same thought… we can rely on God for our every need, including our basic need for daily food.

  • God fed the entire nation of Israel, perhaps 2 million people, in a wilderness, with daily manna.  (Ex 16:15)
  • He feeds the birds of the air, how much more will He feed you?  (Matt 6:26)

Our food is provided …daily! Many people live by the wisdom of “One day at a time.” Which is supported by scripture such as, Matthew 6:34 NLT “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Friends, we need God at all times. He is our source of Life, including our daily routine needs for food… and everything else. Now, as we lean back on Him to provide for us everything we need, we can live free of worry and fear, instead choosing a life of obedience to, and trust in, The One Who Loves Us… so much that… He Gave…!

Our Loving Father, help us to release all anxiety, fear, anger, and hurt, and to rest in You, relying on You for our every daily need. 

Daily Bread

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