Letting the Spirit control

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 8:6 NLT “So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.”

Letting the Spirit control…

Notice the word ‘Let’?  It’s a decision we make, a permission we grant, allowing God’s Holy Spirit control our minds!  And this leads to Life and Peace!

We can choose this!  It’s available!  Totally our own decision! 

Once we accept Jesus as our Lord, Savior, Master, Redeemer, Deliverer… (there’s no end to the words which attempt to describe Him!) … we are His! 

Our lives now are accessible to His Spirit.  Yet my friends, we decide, still, and daily, Who is in control… 

We can choose (and can find Life… and Peace…) to simply Let Him!

We ‘Let’ by choosing… I want Your Peace and Life Father, I’ve chosen my own way too long, too often…

And by asking… Father God take control of my mind now, today.  I choose to Let Your Holy Spirit control my mind, my entire life!

And each time temptation comes my friend, as it will! This decision is necessary to return your heart and mind – from the flesh (our own desires) – and back to The Spirit!  He will strengthen, He will make a way… yet our part is – we still must Let!

And the final result of Letting God’s Holy Spirit control our minds? – Life and Peace!

Father, help Your people to Let Your Spirit control our minds.  Thank You for granting us Your Spirit to do this, leading us to Life and Peace by Your Grace and Presence in our lives. 

Here Again

Elevation Worship

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