A Vast Host

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 2:13-14 NLT “Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others-the armies of heaven-praising God and saying, [14] ‘Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.’”

A Vast Host –

Imagine with me, the still of a desert night, watching your sheep, as you’ve done for countless nights… complete silence except maybe a few bleating sheep,

Then – Suddenly –

An angel appears in brilliance! And announces (v10) “I bring you Good news of Great Joy… The Savior, The Messiah is born!”

And that’s not all…

Suddenly – as if heaven cannot contain its Joy!!! The armies of Heaven also appear in Glorious, unimaginable Praise to God!!!

You ask Why?  Why such unique rejoicing from Heaven to Earth?

Because, my friends, with this moment, the Gift of Jesus begins!

Now, God changed everything! 

Now, a new Era of time, of hope, of human relationship with God is born! 

Now, all of humanity has the opportunity for eternal salvation! …simply by faith in Him!

As if Creation was reborn… Everything Changed.

Never before my friends; never since. 

As if Heaven

could not


… its Joy!

(Just consider for a moment, as you watch and listen and become swept up in this wonderful ‘heavenly music’…

If humans can voice such beautiful glory to God… what must the Vast Host of the Armies of Heaven sound like?)

Hallelujah Chorus

A ‘Flash mob’

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