When I saw Him

Today’s Encouragement is Revelation 1:17a NLT “When I saw him, I fell at his feet as if I were dead.”

When I saw Him –

The Bible is full of descriptions of encounters with Jesus.  This final description in Revelation 1:12-16 is one of the most detailed and most powerful, probably because this encounter is with the resurrected Jesus in all His Glory!

Another encounter example is when Jesus is arrested, the soldiers, battle-hardened and fearless, fell back and cowered in His Presence… John 18:6 NLT “As Jesus said ‘I AM he,’ they all drew back and fell to the ground!”

Friends, as we encounter Jesus in our day, He is the Glorified One of Revelation 1. Yet His Power is the same which caused the soldiers to fall back, and His Loving Heart for us is still the beautiful love which caused Peter to jump overboard and swim to Him in excitement! (John 21:7)

Will you dare to encounter Him in your heart, and mind, and soul for just a moment?


Pause your hurried mind and life.  Play this worship song and…

Behold Him… 

Father God, please help me to encounter Jesus in this moment.

Behold Him

Paul Baloche & Kim Walker-Smith

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