Abide in my love

Today’s Encouragement is John 15:9 ESV “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.”

Abide in my Love –

Abide – to dwell, stay, remain, to always consistently be present-

In – surrounded by, not beside or on or under, but deep inside… in relationship, covered with, embraced by…

My – the source is Jesus, the Son of God, no other source, not you’d family, not a pastor, not you or me or the church or the Bible… none but Jesus!

Love – It isn’t our love… which is too often selfishly motivated, even self-focused…  but His Love that we can abide in.   The Love of Jesus is the greatest Love ever known… no other love comes close, we aren’t even adequate to generate love for another person, much less for Him… but when His Love fills us, we can do all things through Christ, including Loving Him and loving others… when we remain, dwell, abide in His Love!

Father God, help us to abide in the Love of Jesus.

The Faithful Love of Jesus

Hillary Scott

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