If only

Today’s Encouragement is John 11:21 NLT Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.

If only –

How often have we said, or thought, or prayed…  we called for You Lord! If only You had come when we asked You for help! We needed You to: save us from…, to heal…, to rescue…, to help…!

Martha was Lazarus’ sister, she had sent Jesus a message days before that Lazarus was sick, hoping that Jesus would come and heal him.  Jesus got the message, fully understand the gravity of the Illness, had complete knowledge of what would happen… But He didn’t come!

Jesus didn’t come and heal Lazarus… as He had done before, all He had to do was think or speak a word, and healing would be complete, no matter where He was. 

But my friends… He didn’t come! He didn’t heal! 

We know the rest of the story, but Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ broken-hearted grieving sisters did not!  Not only had Lazarus died… Jesus did not help! He did not answer their prayers! He ignored their plea, their prayer! 

Or so it seemed to these ladies, believers in Him, followers of Jesus… His dear friends…For several days, maybe weeks, Lazarus lay ill, then he died. And yet, nothing from Jesus.  Jesus seemed to abandon them, He had failed them, He wasn’t the loving, all powerful, true friend whom they believed Him to be!

But the story wasn’t over yet!

My friends, when we are in this place spiritually, our prayers unanswered, our fears realized, our loss, our grief, our betrayal, our own failures… all are real! The loss is real! Jesus did not do what we asked! He broke His promise to do whatever we ask in His name! …or so it may seem.

Father God thank You for opening our eyes to see that You are never finished with us.  Even death does not end the story of Your relationship with us!  You are always working for us!!! When we cannot see it, or even imagine how You could be ‘in this situation’… You are still Lord! You have a plan! You make a way!

It’s not over yet

For King and Country

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