Nothing good

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 7:18 NLT And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. I want to do what is right, but I can’t.

Nothing good –

In much of Romans 7, Paul lays bare the ugly truth of sin.  He admits to God and to us, that he does the sin which he hates. He wants to do what is right, but…

How is this encouraging?  Because this is just the introduction, not the conclusion… in chapter 7 Paul confesses this great frustration, the struggle with the sinful nature… which we all have!  But then, in v24-25, he reveals that we are completely and perfectly saved from ourselves – and from our sin – by Jesus! 

And that’s not all! (Although Jesus is always enough!) in the next amazing chapter 8, we learn, we are not condemned (v1), we are no longer slaves (v15) but we are His adopted children (v16), He helps us in our weakness (v26) and He works in all things for our good (v28)!  We are more than conquerors (v37)! And there are many other wonderful examples of God’s Grace – His unmerited favor – in this beautiful chapter 8!

Friends the reality of our sinful nature is a harsh and ugly truth, nothing good lives in us! –  but recognizing this indicates so clearly our need to be saved… by Someone other than ourselves!  Jesus is the only One! 

Father, help us confess our sin, accept Your Grace, and then live as Your grateful, forgiven, victorious and freed sons and daughters.


Big Daddy Weave

2 thoughts on “Nothing good

  1. Rick. I’m sitting in a I Hop coming back from Glen Rose Tx where I attended a Woman’s Bilble Study Silent Retreat. Yeap. Women being silent for 48 hrs seems impossible I’m sure. But those few hrs brought me back to that tiny little baby that had a heart given to him even be before his birth and a mommy who wept with Joy at His birth and then again wept as only a mother would at His death, I’m sure, even knowing He would rise again…and why…because of ME…YOU…all  sinners ONLY SAVED BECAUSE OF HIS AMAZING GRACE. As I read your Encouraging Words I once again was brought to my knees in tears and thankfulness for His sweet little heart that was created to love BIG enough for all our sins. Thank u Rick. Love beyond measure to u for the ministry u provide. Hug Janet for me. 

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