I believe

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 27:13 ESV “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!”

I believe –

It may seem obvious, but we are controlled by, guided by, influenced by… what we choose to believe. 

And we each choose what it is that we believe.  We choose to believe the Bible is God’s Word for us, or to believe it is a dusty old book of tales and confusing stories which have no relevance to our lives today.

We choose to believe Jesus is Lord and Savior, or that He was a fable, or just a wise man who had some interesting things to say.

We choose.  And what we choose to believe my friends, determines the direction of our lives. 

We choose to believe that things are going to be ok, and we have a positive outlook on life, or we choose to things are going downhill fast, and our outlook grows dark and we see only the decay around us. 

All based on what we choose… to believe…!

David was a realist, and in this Psalm he acknowledged that his enemies were all around him, that they were lying about him, that God had not yet answered his prayer… but he closes the psalm with these words, and he states boldly, in faith and confidence and hope… I believe! 

In Faith…

he chooses…

to believe…

that He will see the goodness of God in this life!

Father, help us continue to choose to believe – in Your Love for us, the salvation we have in Jesus, Your goodness, and that You will show Yourself strong in our lives… that we too, will see Your goodness in this life!

Goodness of God

Bethel Music

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