Jesus told the servants

Today’s Encouragement is John 2:7a NLT Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.”

Jesus told the servants-

In this passage Jesus is attending a big wedding.  The bridegroom (always an example of Jesus) is about to be very embarrassed because there isn’t enough wine for the party.  A wedding feast was the greatest party ever held in that culture, same is true to an extent today for most people, and this would be very devastating for everyone… especially the bride and groom.

But – everything changed – when Jesus spoke….

He said, ‘Fill the jars with water.’  And everything changed!  There was more than enough, more than a hundred gallons! of the very best wine! The embarrassing situation was averted… because Jesus spoke!

Remember how God formed all of creation?  He Spoke! … and God saw that it was Good!

And “The Best” is the result!  Jesus speaks, everything changes and – the Best is the result!

Father Thank You for speaking words of life to us, help us to listen to Your Words, and then to obey, so that we too may see the blessings of more than enough…of the very best…

Everything Changed

Zach Williams

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