First began to worship

Today’s Encouragement is Genesis 4:26b NLT “…At that time people first began to worship the LORD by name.”

First began to worship-

When Adam and Eve walked with God in the Garden, there was complete open communication. No secrets, no unasked question, and no unanswered question. They had unlimited access to God Himself.

Just as the entire creation was perfect, the garden perfect, the man and woman perfect, so also God’s relationship with His Creation, His favorite creation, man, and woman… was… perfect!

Yet, we sinned! We chose to doubt God, to think for ourselves, to listen to the seductive questioning of God’s Goodness, to disobey Him… clearly and intentionally, and to choose Sin.

Humanity lost its perfect relationship with God in that moment… time went on, and a few generations later, we see this amazing statement… “At that time people first began to worship the LORD by name.

The intimacy of the Garden was gone, by our sinful choice… But! Because we have an innate need to be in relationship with God… we began to worship Him, to call upon Him by Name!

Father God, help us to understand the depth of our need to be in right relationship with You.  Because You alone are worthy of being Worshipped.  We choose to honor You with our Worship, now and always. 

When I look into Your Holiness

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