Every word He said

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 19:48b NLT “…all the people hung on every word he said.”

Every word He said –

This verse describes the people who followed Jesus, they heard Him speak… and ‘hung on every word’!  Today’s song describes ‘standing on every promise of Your Word’.

What are we hanging on? Standing on?  

Is it God’s Word, His Truth, His promises? Jesus Himself is The Word!

We each choose what we stand on or cling to…  Is it the Truth of God’s Perfect Love for us, revealed through Jesus. Or is it something else? A philosophy of some person? A religion which requires us to do things to earn Gods favor? Maybe a belief system we’ve created for ourselves, picking the best pieces of other options to create a patchwork concept of our own?  The possibilities are endless. And every other option fails!

Yet there is only One Way.  The God-Man Jesus said, John 14:6 NLT Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

He has made many wonderful promises to us and given us The Word and His Words of Life.

Father God, help us to daily “hang on” Your Word, and to “stand on” Your every promise!  Thank You Lord, for Your Word!

Every promise of Your Word

Keith and Kristyn Getty

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