The Truth

Today’s Encouragement is John 14:6a NLT Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.

The Truth-

Jesus spoke the truth, always! And here He explains… that He, Himself IS the Truth! 

He doesn’t say, as some may think, “I know the Truth”, nor “I can teach you some true things”, nor “I’ve become enlightened so I have many truths to teach you”… No! He clearly and simply made this amazingly bold proclamation of… Who He Is!  I AM!

As God described Himself to Moses at the burning bush… I AM! So also, Jesus proclaims… I AM!

Jesus IS The Truth!

It’s challenging to describe this concept… because it is God we’re thinking about after all… and who are we to try to understand Him! Yet we have this wonderful gift… the Book He gave us, so that we are given the gift of being able to understand some things about Him!

And Jesus is The Truth! His nature as God and Man,

His words… every single word… is Truth! 

His works… every single deed… is Truth! 

His emotions… compassion, sympathy, even His anger… is Truth! 

Everything about Him is Truth!

Father God, so many are seeking truth, in so many ways… help us to know! And help us to show others, that Jesus IS The Truth, and He is the Way and the Life!

Christ our Hope in Life and Death

Keith and Kristyn Getty

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