In my Name

Today’s Encouragement is John 14:13 ESV Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

In my Name-

His Name is not ‘magic’ – it’s far greater…

It is Holy!

It is the Name above all names!

At His Name every life will submit to His majesty, power, glory…

Even those who denied Him recognized the mysterious power of His Name and prohibited His disciples from speaking or teaching – in His Name (Acts 4:17-18)! 

Powerful doesn’t adequately describe His Name.  Nor does Majestic, nor Glorious, every word or phrase, every book, or even an entire library – all are woefully inadequate – to describe His Name! Mere human words, thoughts, and understanding all merely attempt to describe Him and His great Name!

This Holy Name is – Jesus…

The greatest Name in the Universe…

Father God, thank You for introducing us to the Wonderful, Beautiful Name of Jesus!  Thank You that, because of the Power of than Name of Jesus, in His Name, nothing is impossible!  Father God, thank You that as we merely speak His Name in faith, His Grace rules over every situation. Help us to Speak His Name over all our needs.

(please don’t miss this song!)

I speak Jesus

Charity Gayle

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