He will not forget

Today’s Encouragement is Hebrews 6:10 NLT For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do.

He will not forget-

God will not forget or ignore the Love we have shown to Him, by loving His people; by caring for other believers. This is our ‘hard’ work for Him, caring for others!  Now people (all of us) are fickle, we often forget, overlook, miss, even deny the kindnesses of others.  And those of us who strive to live the Gospel, caring for other believers, honoring God, and working for Him… we are all going to be very unappreciated by people in this life! 

Rarely someone may say a heartfelt “thank you”, but generally… because we are all sinners who are saved by Grace alone, we are an ungrateful people. This is just a reality, not condemnation. 

But God! –  He will NOT forget! He remembers the work we have done for Him, and still do… the work of loving and caring for others!

In Matthew 6:1-4 Jesus teaches that we are to do our good deeds, acts of kindness, caring for others, not to be seen by them, nor to be recognized by others, but because God is honored! And He is the One we want to respect, and He is the One who will reward us!  Our recognition is not from people!

But God will NOT FORGET the love we have shown Him by caring for others!

Thank You Lord, that You are Just.  You remember the good that we do… and You blot out our sins with the precious blood of Jesus.  You are so very Good!

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