Now we are free

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 6:22a NLT But now you are free from the power of sin and have become slaves of God.

Now you are free-

Let that thought sink in, allow it to take root in your heart.  Now, my friend, You Are Free!  Free from Sin’s power over your life, free from condemnation, guilt and shame! 

We’re all too quick to add… “But“ onto the truth of the gospel.  Avoid that for another moment or two.  Absorb the Word of God, as Jesus speaks these words to you … You are Free!

Can you accept it? The freedom we have in Christ? The freedom from our past and future sin, freedom to become new creations, freedom to start each day with a new overflowing measure of God’s mercy and love, can you, have you accepted this? 

And just as we are freed from these destructive things, we are freed to be fully His…Slaves of God!  People who live to serve Him, to do as He instructs!

We are Free! – to be the strong, confident, peaceful, and loving person God designed us to be. Independent of Sin; Free to Depend on God!

Thank You Jesus, for purchasing our freedom from the past, from all guilt, shame, and addictions, for paving the way for us to live as Your Free Servants!

I’m Free

Lynda Randle

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