Why are you afraid

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 4:40 NLT Then he asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Why are you afraid –

Jesus was speaking to his disciples just after He has calmed the terrible storm which had so badly frightened them.  Jesus was with them on the boat, but he was asleep.  The storm was terrible! Even the experienced fishermen were frightened by its power and violence. 

But after Jesus simply spoke to the storm, “Peace, be still” … all was calm and quiet. 

Then He made this remarkable revelation, in the form of a question…

“Why are you afraid?  Do you still have no faith?” 

My friends, Fear cannot exist in the presence of Faith.  If we are living in Faith, practicing our Faith, Trusting God in Faith, relying on Him for our every need including physical safety…

We will not fear!  Fear happens when we don’t have Faith. 

And the seeds of fears grow into worry, anxiety, sometimes panic.

Faith is God’s good alternative to fear, anxiety, worry and panic, which torment many of us today.  We feed our fears, in all these forms, when we look at life from this earthly perspective.  We feed our faith, which grows into strength, courage, and hope, when we look at this life from the perspective of Jesus.  That is, Jesus is in the boat with us, the terrible storm around us – is subject to the Master who is with us!

We either choose Faith in Him, and are at peace within the storm, or we choose to focus on the storm and worry and panic instead. Faith or Fear. Trust or Worry. Hope or Despair.  We either choose Jesus or the world.

Father God, we choose Jesus – Faith, Trust, and Hope in You. Strengthen us so that when the storms of life come, our Faith in You will rule our hearts and minds, and fear, worry and anxiety will be washed away.

Give me Faith

Elevation Worship

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