Shown me much love

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 7:47 NLT [Jesus said] “I tell you, her sins-and they are many-have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.”

Shown me much love-

It’s clear, from all biblical perspectives, where there is great sin, there is great forgiveness and grace, and then there is the result- great Godly Love. 

Grace is unlimited for those who believe in Jesus… and that Grace is greater than all our sin!  And it doesn’t stop at Forgiveness… the process continues, into Godly Love. 

Just like the man who was forgiven a huge debt, but soon after, failed to forgive his neighbor a very small debt…  he quickly forgot how great his own sin was, how great a debt that he had been forgiven… so he had little (no) love nor grace to share with the man who owed him just a little.  

Is it possible that- the more we recognize the ‘depths of our depravity’, our desperate need for God’s Grace and Forgiveness, then the greater our gratitude, appreciation and Love for God? 

His Grace is always abundantly available; those who realize how badly they need His Grace, and then ask for and accept His Grace… are then filled with His Grace (to overflowing) and are also filled (to overflowing) with Love… both for God and for others.

Father, help us to see how deeply we need Your Grace, to deal with, to cleanse us from, to erase forever… all our sin.  The sins of yesterday, today, and forever…. And rather than guilt, shame, and remorse, we believe that You will replace these with grateful hearts and Your perfect Love.  Because of Jesus.


Kenny Rogers

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