Not ashamed

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 1:16a NLT For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ.

Not ashamed –

It’s a curious choice of words, don’t you think? He says, “I’m not ashamed of this Good News”! When he could have said something like, “I’m so very grateful for this Good News!” or, “I’m so happy to share the Gospel!” Or anything a bit more on the positive side.  Yet there is no twisting of the Word that ends in Truth.  So, accepting it as written… he chose to focus a bit on the word “ashamed”. 

Perhaps it is because we all struggle (so odd, isn’t it?), from time to time, with being ‘ashamed’ of the gospel’!

We’re in a situation with unbelievers, and we ‘hide’ our faith, when Jesus’ Name is used as trash, when ungodly talk is in charge.  This is one of the moments when we are tempted to be ashamed of Christ… embarrassing to admit, but true for most all of us. 

Is it possible that this, or a similar moment in time, is a great spiritual battle? One where we are facing a powerful, evil force with only our faith and maybe a slingshot and five stones?

First, remember God’s Grace is sufficient, all our sin is cleansed!

Second, man cannot harm us, we belong to God.

Third, being tempted isn’t sin, but yielding to the temptation becomes sin. 

Forth, it is Fear that tells us to be silent, ‘they might get mean or may not like you anymore…’ and fear of man is surrender to our enemy.

Fifth, God is our strength, He doesn’t Need us to defend His Name, but when we do speak up for Him, when we Stand up for Jesus, He is our strength!

My friends, we wouldn’t let others mock our mothers, would we? Why then would we tolerate the mockery of Our Savior?

Father God, in all situations, may we recognize that being unashamed of You is our best choice.  While You need no one to defend You… We have the need to be Unashamed of Your Love and Mercy and Strength and Holiness! Please give us the strength to be unashamed!

Stand up, Stand up for Jesus

Stuart Townend

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