To encourage you

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 1:12 NLT When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.

To encourage you –

He writes to his brothers and sisters, of how he longs to see them, so that they can be encouraged by each other – in their faith. The ESV translates this as ‘that we may be mutually encouraged’.

Friends this is why ‘we get together’, this is the fellowship of the gospel, gathering to worship Him, hear the Word preached, and to encourage each other in the faith!

We all need encouragement from time to time, and we can seek it directly from the Lord, through the Word, and also through other believers, and we are wise to utilize all three sources. 

Beware of those in the fellowship who do not reciprocate the encouragement in faith which you offer, there are a few who will try to turn every word of encouragement into doubt; questioning and refusing to trust in the Lord’s mercy and grace.  They seem bent on dis-couraging others, as they themselves are discouraged. Offer them His Love and prayer, but do not try to change them, that is God’s work.

Seek instead, the friends who are full of faith, those who will encourage you and be encouraged by you, this is your brother and sister in Christ!  From time to time, we all need some encouragement, we have setbacks, losses, sorrows, and trials. So, we turn to Him, His Word, and His people for the courage to continue this journey of faith.

And this mutual encouragement is God’s plan for His children.  We are being built together into the dwelling place of God (Eph 2:22).  We need each other.

Father, please help us to find encouraging and faithful friends.  Open our eyes to see them, not that we will place our faith in them, but that we may mutually encourage each other in our Faith in You!

Faithful Friend

Twila Paris & Steven Curtis Chapman

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