Come close

Today’s Encouragement is James 4:8a NLT Come close to God, and God will come close to you.

Come close –

There are so many wonderful promises in the Bible! Here is another… as we come close to God, He comes close to us. 

Like the prodigal son returning to his father in desperation, in hope of safety…  and finding his father running toward him!  When we turn toward God, from whatever situation, or position we may be in… we find God watching and waiting for us. 

Returning from our selfish sinful ways, or just beginning our day with a few moments in His presence… He is Always… Always… ready to meet us, to be with us, to lovingly embrace us, to come close to us… to draw us close.  Because He is Love!

And God [Love] never fails, never gets tired of waiting, never says “you did it again!?!” Love never brings up our sin or failures… God [Love] never

turns away from us even when we have turned away from Him.

How do we come close to God? How can we draw near?  Only in our hearts and minds… a spiritual encounter.  A few suggestions might help, but aren’t required…

A quiet room, alone, on your knees or lying prone, worship music like this song, and sincere prayer… talking to Him.  Not asking for all your needs, He knows them already. But rather asking Him to come close to you.  He is Creator God.  He is Creative… He will come as He sees fit, as you need Him, but possibly not as you may expect.  Just wait my friend… as you wait for him, as you do what you can to come close… the promise is… God will come close to you!

Draw me close

Michael W Smith

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