Strength to the powerless

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 40:29 NLT He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

Strength to the powerless-

Our God often mystifies.  He turns things around or upside-down or throws them into reverse.  He is not limited.  Especially not by our human logic or expectations.

A few examples-

He calls things that are not- into existence (Ref)

The first shall be last (Ref)

When I am weak then I am strong (Ref)

The meek shall inherit the earth (Ref)

In each reference above God reveals how wrong our human expectations, our logical inferences, our limited understanding can be, when operating in the realm of His Truth, His Power, His Reality. 

This life, this earth, our physical bodies, our human minds, are like the grass… withering away, it is “but a mist” (Ref)

God’s truths, His Wisdom, His Word, is the True Reality… and very different from our earthly perspective of what is real.  This is why we have His Word to teach us His Truth, this is why Jesus came to reveal to us the Truth, about this life and plan out eternity.

Is it possible my friends that this life is merely like boot camp?  A relatively short time (compared to eternity) when we are tested, strengthened, trained, and developed for what lies ahead? In this training camp we learn the basic principles of the reality which we are approaching. 

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to pay close attention to the training, so that we are well prepared for the reality of our eternal future?

We begin our training as powerless, weak, ignorant, and fearful; but by God’s Grace, His Strength, His Plans… we emerge from this life into Eternity with Him… as Powerful and Strong sons and daughters of the Most High God!

His Strength is Perfect

Shanna Thompson

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