Wonderful truths

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 119:18 NLT Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.

Wonderful truths –

We are free of course, by God’s immeasurable Grace… to choose what we listen to, what we believe and decide about every concept, idea, suggestion, and instruction of God.  Yet my friend, consider this…

Is it possible that God’s truth, His Word, His wisdom, His desire for us (His Will) is always, always, always… in our best interest!?!?  Is it possible? 

Since we believe that – He is Love, and He is our Loving, Perfect, all Wise, Heavenly Father… would He not want to give all the wisdom, instruction, guidance that He can… to His dearly loved children?

Wouldn’t you do this, imperfect, fallible being that you are… for your own children? Teach them the best way to live?

God’s Word is chock-full of His instruction – His wisdom, guidance, and advice for us on how to live this life, how to survive, how to worship Him, how to live joyfully, even how to be victorious over life and death!  The handbook for life, some have called it.  Our obedience to His instruction is our choice, we can’t do this perfectly, and it is not a requirement to be saved… only faith in Christ can save us…. Yet we are wise to consider His wisdom in how we live!

Since God took so many years, centuries, and hundreds of authors, carefully guided by His hand, to compose this book of Life… might it not be kinda smart to choose to believe it?! To read it, study it, and learn the many wonderful truths within our Bible?

Father we can do nothing without You, we even need You to “Open our eyes to the wonderful truths in Your instructions!”

The Truth

The Belonging Company

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