Today’s Encouragement is 2 Timothy 4:11 NLT Only Luke is with me. Bring Mark with you when you come, for he will be helpful to me in my ministry.

Helpful in ministry-

Paul ends this letter to his friend Timothy with a listing of several of the people he has worked with, some friends, co-workers, supporters, and some of the opposition.

Only Luke remained with him at this time, a faithful friend and servant of Christ. Friends come and go, don’t they?  And here Paul asks Timothy to bring Mark with him because Mark is helpful in ministry.

So, reflecting on this thought… who is your Mark? Who is helpful to you in ministry? Who is alongside you, supporting, praying, assisting you in your service to God?  Do they know how grateful you are for them? Might it be a good idea to tell them?

And who is your ‘Paul’, the one that you are helpful to in ministry? This helpfulness in ministry could be in any number of ways, financial support, prayer support, and/or physical support… the question is – are we helpful, in ministry, to God?

Being available to be – ambassadors of Christ, prayer warriors, servants of the Church, teachers of the Word, even a doorkeeper in His house (Psalm 84:10), there are numerous ways to serve my friend; ways to be helpful in ministry.

Don’t feel qualified? Just ask God to make you qualified, to equip you to serve Him in some way.  He will!

Father, help us to serve you, to be helpful first to You and also to those who serve You in ministry.

Serve the Lord


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