Human effort

Today’s Encouragement is Galatians 3:3 NLT How foolish can you be? After starting your new lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort?

Human effort –

The Galatians were trying to ‘become perfect’ by their own human effort. Specifically, by obeying the law of Moses. Living according to the historical Jewish laws and rules.  This foolish thinking is refuted here with this clear question.  He essentially asks them, ‘Where does your new life come from?  From God’s Spirit living within you or from your human efforts?’

Jesus gave us a new commandment, that we Love God and one another.  His life, death, burial, and resurrection fulfilled the old requirement of the Law in every way… perfectly.  We can add nothing nor take nothing from His Perfect fulfilment of the law!

It’s good for us, as believers in Christ, to try to live ‘a good life.’  We are examples to this world, Ambassadors of Christ, and we reflect God’s nature to this world around us.  Yet, we cannot rely on our human effort, our good behavior (for we all fall short!) as our right-standing before God.  We can ONLY RELY on the perfect completed work of Jesus our Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection so that we are forever made right with God. 

Not by our human efforts!  But by His Blood!

Only the Blood

Del Way

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