Everyone who calls

Today’s Encouragement is Joel 2:32a ESV And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.

Everyone who calls –

On the Name of the Lord –

Will be saved –

The Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah, Jesus, are everywhere, and they’re extremely accurate.  Like this prophetic verse, written centuries before Jesus’ birth, and which is not limited to only Israel, not limited to only those who comply with God’s Law, but for Everyone!  This verse is quoted directly in both Acts and Romans, as proof of Gods Salvation Plan through – faith in the Name of Jesus… for Everyone who calls upon His Name, Everyone who believes! Will be Saved!

My friends, God’s saving grace and mercy and His Love is available to all… all who will call on His Name! 

All our Lord asks of us… is this… Call on my Name. 

And then… because you call on His Name… you will be Saved…

Certainly, this saving includes eternal salvation, saved from death, granted eternal life with Him, a place He has prepared for us… all the beautiful promises of rest and peace in eternity… yet, is it limited to – one day out there, after this earthly life is over for us?

Is it possible that “will be saved” applies to our needs for “saving” today?  We all need some type of “saving” on a regular basis, don’t we?  

What saving- what salvation do you need today?   Will you call on His Name today for that salvation? 

Will He not save His beloved children?

My friends, read it again, and choose to believe it!


Who calls…

on the Name of the Lord…

Will be Saved!

Father, help us to believe, and to call on Your Name for our salvation, and every time we need saving! We ask in Jesus’ Name.

Call on Your Name


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