It is a gift

Today’s Encouragement is Ephesians 2:8 NLT God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

It is a gift –

Isn’t it nice to receive a gift? Especially from someone who knows us well!  Sometimes we get (and give) gifts to others whom we don’t know very well, and the gift isn’t a very good fit.  Good for re-gifting! And then once in a while, usually from someone who knows us very well, we get the ‘ideal’ gift… and when this happens, we are delighted with it, and express sincere gratitude to the giver!

We take the gift home, set it in a special place where we can see it often, and when we do so, we remember the giver… and we continue to be grateful for their thoughtfulness, their knowledge that this is just what we wanted, their generosity, their love expressed through this gift. 

And isn’t God’s saving grace such a gift, the perfect gift, the ideal gift?  One we can never hope to repay, nor to deserve, but the perfect gift from the One who knows us completely… knows exactly what we need and want and desire… and has the kindness and love for us to give us such a gift!

And my friends, what is our proper response to any such ideal gift?  Gratitude, a grateful heart, affection for the Giver, and each time we consider this gift, we remember.  Communion is such a remembering moment, but we have other reminders daily, of the immeasurable, perfect free gift of salvation…

Lord, open our hearts to see the many reminders You provide us to cause us to remember Your Perfect gift of salvation through Jesus.  We are grateful Lord, please help us to always remember and to always remain… sincerely grateful. You are so good.

Lord You’ve been good to me

Graham Kendrick

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